Karma was born in 1994 in a small town in Illinois. He was adopted to a Christian family and lived most of his childhood in a small town Dyer an hour outside of Chicago. Even though Karma's Mom is a priest he himself is not necessarily religious. He has an amazing family that raised him well yet he always felt very different than them. His Mom would always find him locked in the basement playing hip hop music for hours straight every single day.

   Karma first started making music when he moved to Tri-Cities WA in 2010. Around 2012 he began releasing albums with a unique sound that can only be described as alternative hip hop. After getting kicked his audio engineering program in 2016 with Full Sail University (due to him spending more time on his music than school), he began to work exclusively with producer AS_1S, the two of them pioneering a collaborative new sound.  Karma's articulated flow and As_1S organic layered beats when combined create captivating, eclectic, conscious sound relatable to the masses. 



-JULY 14, 2018    SAT            PINEAPPLE ISLAND, RICHLAND, WA TICKETS: https://bit.ly/2JMD9Yz


 -JUN 1, 2018    FRI              VOLUME INLANDER MUSIC FEST DOWNTOWN                                                  SPOKANE, WA                    TICKETS:    http://volume.inlander.com/tickets/

-JUN 6, 2018   WED           KILBY COURT                                                                                                            SALT LAKE CITY, UT   TICKETS: https://www.ticketfly.com/event/1693046-karma-knows-salt-lake-city/

-JUN 8, 2018   FRI              T.I.E.S.                                                                                                                        PHOENIX,  AZ         TICKETS: https://squareup.com/store/Ties/

-JUN 9, 2018   SAT             L.A.P.C                                                                                                                        LOS ANGELES, CA     TICKETS:

-JUN 13, 2018  WED           HOTEL UTAH                                                                                                            SAN FRANCISCO, CA TICKETS :https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1696393?utm_source=tw1&utm_medium=amp

-JUN 14, 2018  THU           HOLOCENE                                                                                                         PORTLAND, OR                        TICKETS:

-JUN 15, 2018  FRI             NEUMOS                                                                                                                   SEATTLE, WA                                                                                                        TICKETS: SOLD OUT                                                                                                  

-FEB 23, 2018    FRI               RYAN CARAVEO @NEPTUNE THEATER                                                                    SEATTLE, WA

-DEC 2, 2017       SAT             GIFTED GAB, THE JOINT EFFORT @RED ROOM LOUNGE                                       SPOKANE, WA

-JAN 23, 2017     THU             LIL WAYNE & RUSS, SMOKE FEST 2017 @TOYOTA CENTER                                 KENNEWICK, WA

-NOV 17, 2016     FRI               KNOWMADS @THE NECTAR LOUNGE                                                                     SEATTLE, WA

-DEC 7, 2016       WED            SNOOP DOGG, CANNABIS INDUSTRY PARTY @RUMORS LOUNGE                    KENNEWICK, WA    

-AUG 3,2016       WED            RAS & KASS, WAVY TOUR @MAINSTREET STUDIOS                                              WALLA WALLA, WA  

-DEC 18, 2014     THU             KURUPT & ROSCOE, MOONROCK TOUR @THE ROXY BAR                                  KENNEWICK, WA  



Born 1991 in Midland Michigan, AS_1S relocated to Washington in his childhood. There he discovered his two loves cannabis and music. After attending college twice and dropping out twice he now spends half his time producing hash oil and the other half making music. His unique sound stems from having musical influences within many genres. Listening to Pink Floyd helped him pick up guitar in the 4th grade, and influenced by dance music and hip-hop, at age 16 he became fixated on building a musical machine inside his computer. 

“I think my style of production is based around the idea that all vibes that have been made are currently available to be recreated and mixed together. I think a "vibe" trumps all the musical parameters that you encounter in trying to create or categorically define what a song is. I love when something can't quite be tied down with musical language. you just feel it.”